'the return of art' in serif font with a birdcage for the hole in the a and a bird for the letter 'r' and a candle for the letter 't'

2024 Will see the return of art

I’m not gonna blame covid because M&$vel has no excuse for this:

A screenshot from space.com's 'Marvel movies in order: chronological & release order' article by Lauren O'Callaghan shows Marvel released over 20 titles in an eleven year period
A screenshot from space.com’s ‘Marvel movies in order: chronological & release order’ article by Lauren O’Callaghan shows Marvel released over 20 titles in an eleven year period

It’s clear the human collective has gained and suffered through technology’s advances: the same Internet that connects life saving technology is being used to transmit life ending messages.

We have a million [tv show and movie] remakes and nostalgia-ridden (social media) posts which were once cute, but are now holding us [society] back. The Internet has learned to become inaccessible in an era where alternate captions are common for everyday media, what used to be a quick Google search is now minutes of scrolling past sponsored websites and auto-generated (such as expired or unused domain grabs) and AI ‘sites’.

The reason why most remakes are set for critical reception is that the audience is expecting the feel the same way they did when consuming the original content. If I was a depressed 5-year-old who liked rocky road ice cream, why would I expect the “new and improved” flavor to hit as a (still depressed) adult when I know FDA regulations have changed forcing all food companies to adjust the sugar and switched to more ‘natural’ flavors, I don’t eat marshmallows anymore as a vegetarian, and I may not have as big of a sweet tooth anymore.

I think we place too many factors in an unequal




Post above was from January 2. Posting for closure. One postscript since I left the passage midthought:

From February: Did you know AI generation costs credits on Adobe Express? Smh. I learned last month that the artwork is being pulled from internet archives, so artists are getting their work infringed upon. Luckily, there are some companies that only use AI ethically. Adobe is one of the companies using AI ethically, but if it’s using a subscription base (I already pay for creative suite use monthly ??) I am so not interested.

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