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30-Sec Full Body Meditation

A deep breathing, body loosening exercise to wind down

Whether you are looking for a physical or mental release, this meditation relaxes your muscles which can stimulate mental proactivity. 

Clear your thoughts and let your brain focus on the innate: breathing.

Use the meditation as a channel and make it your own.

This is a deep-breathing,

low-to-mid intensity,

mind-emptying meditation.


The 30sec meditation method can be used to focus on stress areas throughout the day.

For peak relaxation, the full-body routine can be done at the end of the day before falling asleep.


Shorty: If you find you hold tension in a specific area more than others, start your meditation focusing on that section first. This meditation can be as short as 30sec by targeting your physical stress area and the regions immediately around it. Briefly hold the tension then let go of that force as much as possible. 

Sitting at work when you notice yourself hunched over with knotted shoulders? Start in the abdomen, then chest, focus on the shoulders, and stop at the jaw. You control the duration of each release.

Long-o: Starting from the top or bottom of your body, tense the body part you are focusing in on for at least 10sec, then let your body release completely limp. Make sure to hit all the major body regions and where you find you hold tension the most. Repeat with the rest of your body until you have released tension from all of your limbs.

❀ Great for a mini-break during the workday, although if possible, somewhere in nature is strongly suggested.

Preparation for the Meditation

Be very mindful of your breathing the entire time. Do what feels natural and try to take deeeeeeep breaths. Really expand your chest.

Being outside in a natural setting would enhance the meditation but is not necessary.

Position yourelf in a comfortable place. Able to be done in the comfort of an office chair, sofa, bed, regular chair, car seat, etc.

Steps to the Meditation

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From head to toe, we will tense up our body parts. As best you can, tense up your jaw. Let your jaw fall after 10sec.

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Next is the neck. Hold the pressure, then release. You should feel a difference.

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The shoulders follow. Tense them for your set time then let go.

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Continue through your abdomen and down your legs.

[The simplified version of this meditation was described above. ]



  • Sit or lay still with no body parts crossed over another.
  • Unfurl your eyebrows. Let your forehead relax.
  • Find someplace to arrange yourself comfortably where your body can spread on its own.

Happy meditating!

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