about catsup magazine; an online lifestyle and art collective

a graphic image depicting an eyeball - a black circle is inside a blue one surrounded by purple rectangles representing the eyelashes. the bottom right eyelashes are seen a shade lighter and segmented indicating loss

about catsup

as an online lifestyle and art collective, catsup magazine curates art in all forms

a humorous, at times brash, optimistic view on everyday life

white leaf latte art in a ceramic mug

catsup magazine seeks a fresh approach as an online hub for artistic expression

if you don’t know what you’re doing we don’t either

whether you’re seeking a larger online presence or accountability for your art’s growth, consider catsup magazine to showcase your artwork

grow your art here

are you an artist?

visual art, written mediums, audio, photo, and video content is welcome to be showcased at catsup magazine

what we're looking for...

recipes, reviews, photography, poems, features, audio, music, how-to’s, readings, patterns, columns, advice, commentary, etc.

we seek to share unique lifestyle content and allow artists a platform

how to get involved

catsup magazine is always looking for fresh content

to submit artwork for publication consideration, please contact us via the contact page or by clicking the button below

the catsup editor will reach out to you in regards to submissions :+)) please provide and check your email


submissions will be evaluated and artists will be emailed back in regards to revisions or publication agreement

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catsup magazine reserves the right to publish or not publish any submitted content

Feeling ready to share your art? Submit here.

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