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Call for contributors: Art to heal, laugh, and discuss

catsup is dedicated to sharing art to heal, laugh, and discuss

Catsup Magazine Call for Contributors

Is this a one-off submission?

It can be! Regular contributors are the goal down the road. For now, Catsup does not have established roles but once submissions come in more regularly, we may have to place a monthly cap on the number of posts per artist or project. AKA, send your art in! Get that expos. Do you have a series you would like to announce or release on Catsup Magazine? Continued below.

Do I retain rights to my art?

Of course. Catsup Magazine serves as a platform for creatives who may not have an established avenue. Think of Catsup as a gas station as you travel. Art can be published to Catsup, or we can make a promotional blog post (such as an artist Q & A, interview about upcoming projects, and sharing previews or date announcements).

What is the compensation?

I am a professional writer retired actor freelance editor that has held 30 jobs under the age of 30 (amazingly zero unemployment benefits yay) and has had to borrow rent the past few months. Someone give me a job or let’s get this ship going! Compensation will come as soon as I can pay for my own phone bill.

Who can submit?

The art needs to be original content submitted by the creator. Art containing hate speech, discrimination, or a negative personal agenda will not be considered. Healing through hate takes time but Catsup is not the platform (though we are rooting for you). Submissions that are clearly “advertorials” or deemed too corporate-y will be reviewed on a case by case basis. If you are interested in Advertising, the same contact form for submissions will let you email Catsup about a paid sponsorship.

How do I submit?

Through our contact form here. Submissions are currently free with no reading fee as of Feb. 21, 2024.

What kind of art are you looking for?

Underrepresented voices that speak through their art medium whether writing prose, poetry, short stories, fiction, memoirs, scary or silly stories, anything! For digital art, static (nonmoving) images, gifs, video, eBooks, PDF booklets/chapbooks, you get it. Do you have an alternate form of art? Catsup can help with sharing podcast episodes, photography, certain social media posts…If you’re unsure, we can talk about the best option for your art!

Currently in need of more…

BIPOC stories

Queer content

Video and audio entertainment

You :+))

If I can post your art in some capacity, we can promote you on Catsup Magazine.

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