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I dreamt about a past toxic workplace, and somehow, I received closure

Can our unconscious visions be the key to moving forward?

This dream was about a past workplace that let me go after I requested to use my paid time off.

Fun tidbit — my supervisor at this organization had denied (a different) PTO request about a month prior due to my reason for requesting it not being good enough for “Leadership” (Board of Directors? Other managers? Kind of cult-ish language, no?). I just wanted to use my earned PTO for personal use, a reason did not even need be disclosed. Of course, any request is up to denial by your boss, but it’s kind of bad practice to then (as a boss who denied PTO) request that same day off from your higher boss.

Oh, how I don’t miss working in a judgmental space that has you working 24/7 and constantly undermines you.

A better paying job may be a better opportunity but that does not always mean it’s better! As always, we know our worth, roll with the punches (if not the rules, then the goal post is always moving, huh?), and move to higher ground.

Meditating while asleep is a concept many have attempted/applied. Some people try to work in their sleep. As a workaholic, I hate to admit I have done the same on accident and have to lucid dream myself away. Breakthroughs can happen in unexpected visions from dreams. But is it possible to receive closure from something that happened in a dream?a purple heart with a golden yellow ruffle border holds the letters 'ctsp' inside

The aforementioned happened to me. I woke up with the closure and I still have it. That is so powerful? To merge a bunch of little details together, in this dream I found myself in a shifting room that ended being an employee break room. A large poster board was on a round, plastic-topped table that read: “REDACTED ORGANIZATION is committed to transparency within our organization for all employees and community members. We believe in prosperity, success, blah blahblah…” with signatures at the bottom and markers. The poster was not finished, but an active project and I was being welcomed back by the people playing my dream coworkers as I floated around the hallways. It felt good to have a shitty situation recognized.

I am oddly comforted by this farfetched hypothetical scenario.

I woke up with the closure and I still have it.

Don’t be surprised when work-related PTSD is diagnosable in the near future. I am not looking for a diagnosis — only validation. For the time being, we must self soothe. Great to be let go the day you ask for health insurance. Even better to move on.

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