Catsup Magazine Volume I Issue 1

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Catsup Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1

the ‘soft launch’ issue

a screnshot of catsup magazine's soft launch cover. it is empty but the article headlines border the outside left and right

January and February 2024

Table of Contents

Editor’s Letter 2

How to make an iced matcha milk tea 3

‘Just send it’: A first person account of dropping in for the first time on roller skates 6

Why I want my next girlfriend to be a ‘Spinach Bitch’ 9

Five Actually Good Places to Find Free Sheet Music 9

Easy Mexican Chilaquiles Recipe 11

The difference between translating and interpreting: An introduction to professional interpreting 12

30 Second Full Body Meditation 14

A Love Letter to Banana Peppers 16

What does it mean to catch and release? A thrifting fashion consolation prize 17

Contribute to catsup magazine 18

Meant to upload before midnight but that’s what I get for trying to make a magazine in a day. A culmination of years and personal experience put to digital pen with a satirical flair, catsup magazine is happy to exist today. Art has a way of cultivating itself; I invite you to share yours.

To submit writing or artwork of any kind, send a message at


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