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Summer’s binge-worthy shows: Porno y Helado, Class of ’07, and The Horrors of Dolores Roach

Last summer's media roundup

The following list was curated during the summer of 2023. Enjoy!

Porno y Helado ❁❁❁❁❁

Binge-worthy 10 / 10 go watch this Argentinian comedy series NOW

Release Information:

Where? On a site that p-RH-I-MES with the all-caps word

Who? Argentinian creator and actor Martín Piroyansky leads the fictitious-bandmates-turned-band trio through absurd circumstances from proving themselves a real band in the beginning [when they are not], to where the final episode leaves them with **spoiler** options as to their own personal trajectory.

Why? Eight half-hour episodes of a ridiculous flavor of comedy you won’t want to stop watching.

Waiting on updates for season two. But in the meantime, you have to check their music out out or at least an episode.

Class of ’07

You’ll forget the apocalypse is happening as you process the trauma the protagonists carry from their childhood all while stranded at their all-girls childhood boarding school.


The Horrors of Dolores Roach

This podcast from Gimlet media is only eight episodes long with each part being around 30min. Whether you’re a true crime fan or like a scare every now and then, both the tv show and podcast (I watched them in that order however the podcast came first) will have you screaming, crying, and throwing up just like some characters…

The tv show stays true to Dolores’ audio story by always having Justina Machado in the shot. The listener and watcher is in Roach’s head as much as she is in theirs. Even while other characters are having their own conversations, our view both visually and narratively comes from Roach’s retelling as we experience it with her.

Click here to listen to the podcast the television series is based on. The rest of the post will contain spoilers so stop now and go listen/watch if you want to bias-free!

Machado excels at capturing the complexities of a freed woman who was a victim of drug culture and a shitty boyfriend. She is just trying to (unfortunately) pick things up where they were prior to incarceration (straight to the ex’s house, oof). The horrors start when she finds her neighborhood has been gentrified since her incarceration and an empanada shop from her past is a little too accepting.

Cheese and guava empanadas are delicious! After listening to the podcast I decided to make my own with Oaxaca cheese and guava paste and while my recipe needs to be adjusted, I can see why one would choose to live in an empanada shop’s basement. 🤤

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