Celebrating three years of Catsup’s creative culture coverage

Meet Catsup Founder jessika cesilia

So… this website was actually launched in 2021. Oops. I misdated a few posts!

Did you know “Catsup Magazine” was conceived out of “2% milk co.”?

Originally a “skate magazine”, Catsup has become a live art exhibition for multimedia journalist and artist, jessika cesilia. 2% milk co was a business concept based on my bestie ghostie mate, 2% milky way. </3

Check out Catsup’s roller skating guide here.

As a lifelong digital content producer, jessika cesilia began blogging publicly on WordPress.com in 2009. From a young age, jessika cesilia has been photo and videographing public gatherings, editing A and B footage, creating original graphics (including pixel art that’s floating somewhere on a forum…), and sharing knowledge in easily digestible formats across two languages. Jessika Cesilia is a native Spanish speaker and prolific English linguist. She tried learning Mandarin Chinese but the Hanzi was too much for her GPA at the time. You may have seen her ridiculous tweets that never gained traction past the “wtf is this” phase.

Jessika Cesilia graduated from high school as a News Editor and Pagemaker designer (they created the front pages from scratch) with an acceptance to the University of British Columbia for filmmaking. They semi-successfully dropped out of both university and community college after realizing their financial and systematic fees too high, respectively.

After holding over twenty-something (I’ve probably reached 30 if I start counting) W-2 positions, working hard to advance, jessika cesilia realized while there was small progress made to her paycheck, ultimately, most everything that is brought up as a possible solution to existing problems are beyond her and her managers’ control.

Catsup's Editor styled their hair in a green claw clip, with cute curly medium-length hair cascading downward and to the sides.

So jessika cesilia is back to creating digital content—back from the “professional”, dependable and structured 9 – 5 world. Lol.

Did you catch Urban St magazine‘s Winter 2023, Spring 2024, and Early Summer 2024 issues?

Jessika Cesilia was the managing/associate editor of HOUR Media’s Urban St magazine late 2023 to early summer 2024. Cesilia’s editorial coverage included coordinating other freelance artists (writers and photographers), speaking with community business and restaurant owners, food reviews, events, and every caption under the sun.

Keep up with my newest projects here, on Catsup.

You’ll notice this website is not *quite* a blog. Catsup is a digital media company founded by jessika cesilia.

I first sought artistry companionship, away from marketing influence and ad dollars, I now seek solace away from algorithms that scavenge fermented knowledge with no respect to the sun that ripened the vines.

I seek content that empowers others from a place of sharing knowledge with mutual respect to the reader, not their premium subscription. So that’s what I create. If you’re interested in sharing your own perspective, contact Catsup Magazine.

By the way, I will monetize soon (no, not with Adsense). Shop launch date to come. ❀

Interested in advertising or sponsoring a post?

Would you like to collaborate on a project together? Message jessika cesilia.

She’s also an actor (I own a fancy ‘International Thespian Society’ certificate that did not land me a job at Disney, sad to say. America Ferrera, just say when!).

Share your thoughts, post your art, doodle that thing, jot everything down.

One stolen DSLR.

Two semi-broken laptops.

Fourteen years of vegetarianism.

Fifteen years of blogging.

Somewhere in there a telemarketer, plasma technician, retail vomit cleaner, quality control technician, mystery dinner theatre actor, cafe supervisor, roll press operator, bookkeeper, interpreter and translator…

Also, don’t worry! I use WordPress.org now 😉

Psst… need website design?

yes, my name is stylized lowercase as a preference, thank you ♥

a cartoonish cat is holding two paws above a pink swirly crystal ball that has a blue base reading catsupmagazine.com

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