For general inquiries, advertising at catsup, content creation services (copywriting, graphic or web design, editing, etc.) please address messages to Catsup’s Editor and include your organization, business, or social media handles if they would apply to your inquiry.

a graphic image depicting an eyeball - a black circle is inside a blue one surrounded by purple rectangles representing the eyelashes. the bottom right eyelashes are seen a shade lighter and segmented indicating loss

Catsup Magazine has open submissions! 

Read more about Catsup Magazine’s call for contributions here and when you’re ready, send your work under  ‘Art submissions’ below. 

Art submissions

Read more about catsup magazine’s submission process on our About page.

Yes, Catsup is merely a platform, and hopefully network, to share art.

Let’s get to know you and your art! Submit a brief artist proposal explaining the type of work you do or would like to contribute to catsup. Compensation not available at the moment but will be available for contributors at a later date.

Submit a general inquiry form and check out information regarding Advertising at catsup.

Submit below! Whether you think you’re the appropriate person, or have a subject matter expert in mind, send the information to Catsup’s Editor and we will work to see the content made.

Learn more about Catsup’s Editor by following Catsup Magazine on Instagram.

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