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Easy Mexican Chilaquiles Recipe

Create your own portion size serving with this easy to follow recipe of the popular Latin hangover cure

Chilaquiles are essentially fried tortilla strips simmered in a red sauce used as common hangover cure, but is a delicious breakfast for people regardless of their fun the night before.

This recipe requires a red salsa. Catsup Magazine’s Red Salsa recipe is available here. This recipe does not utilize measurements and is intended as a guide for readers to determine portion size. Your portion size will render the size of the frying pan used so be sure to prepare adequate amounts of salsa.

Portion Yourself Chilaquiles Recipe


  • vegetable oil (just enough to fry)
  • corn tortillas
  • serrano peppers
  • tomatoes
  • salt

You will need

  • constant heat source such as a stovetop
  • knife to chop tortillas up


Begin by preheating the oil and chopping the tortillas into small squares (about the size of a quarter).

Take out your preferred red salsa. If you are out and need to prepare one, catsup’s Simple Mexican Roasted Red Salsa Recipe can be found here.

Cook the tortilla pieces by placing them into the preheated oil in the pan in a single layer (just enough to cover all the surface area of the pan). Do not walk away from this dish. Grease may pop due to the frying nature. Keep children and animals away. This dish does not use the deep frying technique so a shallow pan will work just fine. But be aware that more oil is used than a regular dish would; we aren’t simply covering the bottom of the pan with oil.

Keep an eye and rotate the tortilla squares with a spatula until they have turned evenly golden and crispy to your liking.

Add salsa after the tortilla pieces have toasted and lower the heat. Allow to simmer.

Serve with huevos al gusto (eggs however you like them), sour cream, and queso fresco (Mexican crumbling cheese). Enjoy!

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