an oil pastel illustration is depicted rollerskating and falling into a giant bowl of kibble in a purple atmospheric room

Entrepreneur era! We are all Stu Pickles

They'll call you money-hungry because you're broke.

Interested in taking on this discussion? All existing Catsup Magazine posts are up for grabs! If any topic discussed on the website speaks to you, there’s no such thing as “already been covered”. Your perspective matters; let’s share it. Written, audio, visual, and other art forms are acceptable formats to be published on Catsup. Work must be original to the person submitting and you retain all rights! Catsup is a free digital-only magazine for now and will be expanding to print form in the future (we’d love for you to follow us to that point, or better yet, be a part of it).

What can you expect from Catsup Magazine?

Catsup serves to connect progressive, artistic thoughts and people.

Topics covered:

  • Share your niche now
  • Plant-based recipes and living (vegetarianism, veganism, cruelty-free lifestyle, etc.)
  • Rollerskating culture
  • Stories from BIPOC
  • Queer content
  • Writing or art from underrepresented communities
  • Recipes—experimental or not
  • Sustainability culture (upcycling, repurposing, thrifting, etc.)
  • Art to heal, laugh, and discuss. Humor is a personal fav for trauma processing, only share what you are comfortable with. ♥
  • First drafts/unfinished work is welcome. Let’s grow together ❀

Art in progress is

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