What type of art is accepted?

Visual art, written mediums, audio, photo, and video content is welcome to be showcased at catsup magazine: recipes, reviews, photography, poems, features, audio, music, how-to’s, readings, patterns, columns, advice, commentary, etc.

How long is the submission process?

Catsup magazine is just getting started, so turnaround is fairly quick! No reading or submission fee atm.

Do I retain rights to my art?

Of course. Catsup Magazine serves as a platform for creatives who may not have an established avenue. Think of Catsup as a gas station as you travel. Art can be published to Catsup, or we can make a promotional blog post (such as an artist Q & A, interview about upcoming projects, and sharing previews or date announcements).

Are submissions compensated?

Not at this time but that is the goal!

Who can submit?

The art needs to be original content submitted by the creator. Art containing hate speech, discrimination, or a negative personal agenda will not be considered.

Underrepresented voices that speak through their art medium whether writing prose, poetry, short stories, fiction, memoirs, scary or silly stories, anything! For digital art, static (nonmoving) images, gifs, video, eBooks, PDF booklets/chapbooks, you get it. Do you have an alternate form of art? Catsup can help with sharing podcast episodes, photography, certain social media posts…If you’re unsure, we can talk about the best option for your art!

Can I advertise my product?

click here to learn about advertising at catsup

How can I learn more about Catsup?

Our contact form is available herethe-bag-basics-purse-mayonnaise-emergency-ketchup-and-keychain-sriracha/

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