Catsup's Editor styled their hair in a green claw clip, with cute curly medium-length hair cascading downward and to the sides.

Hardworking factory women so glad magazines finally caught on to create style guides in their non-Native language

Remember when stepping out wearing a claw clip was a social faux pas?

To wear a claw clip used to be socially flagged and a way to ostracize community members as a labor worker (as an insult)

“Hoops go against company uniform.” I have to look over my shoulder to see who you’re talking to because I don’t own a pair?

The original “lazy girl” could not get a job until she met invisible standards that vary person-to-person, role-to-role, dependent on if you’re deemed attractive, smart, or worthy enough in ___ manner.

“Who cares [if she gets hired in my department or not, fulfills her duties, makes it past the interview, meets the requisites]? Free eye candy.”

Proven: the ability to fulfill designated duties and responsibilities is not why I was hired at multiple roles.

Sometimes you’re hired to fill a chair (“go be on camera”), be a scapegoat, be a role model OR anti-model to incentivize existing workers (pay attention to how your coworkers speak towards one another in comparison to you), or fulfill another unspoken request that was definitely not listed in the job advertisement.

You are how others would like you to be until you break that image for them. I wanted to grow up with claw clips in my hair. My mother’s looked gorgeous when she pulled her hair up, twisted it and set with a neutral hair clip (often black or brown tortoise shell).

Claw clips are for everyone. They always were. They bring me a sad joy to see them as a fashion trend.

Did you grow up in a culture where claw clips were accepted? Add your voice to the discussion by leaving a comment or sending Catsup a message!

I hope you enjoyed this word flow! I write like I speak and that means carrying multiple messages at once.

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