Hot band accessory: Rolling papers in the instrument case

There's more than one reason why a flautist may carry joint papers around

Who would’ve thought you’d be ordering a new swabbing cloth, cork grease, and rolling papers at the same time but—turns out, some flute shops sell cigarette rolling papers online.

Why flute players carry rolling papers is in blue text and Don't use the sticky side! is underneath. An image of a pink pack of rolling papers with one slightly pulled out has along the edge of the paper

What do flute players use the rolling paper for?

The reason why a flute player may have a pack of rolling papers in their possession is because the best fluidity of musical expression is achieved through an elevated state of being and loosened emotions.

A flute player may also have cigarette papers because the thin paper makes it apt for absorbing excess moisture, oil, and dust from the keypads.

How to use rolling paper to clean flute key pads: Gently press the keys down over the non-gummy side (adhesive part) of the rolling paper. The paper should be between the flute’s body and pad. Once the pad is pressed down, tug the paper out.

This shouldn’t be forceful; tug just enough to wipe the pads with the motion. Repeat amongst all the flute’s keys/pads.

Like using a silver polishing cloth, it is not recommended to do this after every practice session, but it is a part of a good regular routine cleaning.

So be ready to hang the next time someone whips out the ol’ silveraooni stick. B)

Stay chill, flutesies. 😎

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