How much does it cost to de-mold my student flute from over ten years ago?

You asked*,  we did the research.**


*I opened my flute case after ten+ years of storage away from my then-middle school spit.


**I paid the price as I was a full-time worker, part-time student with zero job or life prospects. These depression spells go hand in hand with impulsive spending and must be combatted with distractions. The answer?

Over $200

is how much it costs to remove mold from a Jupiter nickel with silver finish student flute.

Please thoroughly clean, oil, and dry (as applicable) your instruments before long term storage.

Mold is no joke.

Is using a metal rod or plastic stick better for cleaning the inside of a flute?

  • Will using a metal stick for cleaning nick my flute?

Two years later, the same music store answered my question about avoiding damage to the interior of my flute. A wooden stick for swabbing through the flute (with a cloth) was the standard when I was a student flautist. When I visited the shop looking for a new cleaning stick, I was met with two options on the shelf: a metal cleaning stick or a plastic version. What happened to the wooden sticks? I see them being sold online still, so was this a deliberate action against microbes or perhaps a stock (un)request?

Regardless of the answer, the advice I received from the music shop clerk was that the industry is shifting towards plastic sticks for cleaning flutes. When I asked about the possibility, the clerk agreed there was a higher chance of accidentally scratching the interior of the flute when cleaning with a metal rod.

Whatever your cleaning routine, be sure to take care of your instrument!

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