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How to be cool about it (sobriety at a party)

10 Actually good ways to say you're not drinking tonight

*boygenius voice* i’m being co0000000000o000l about it

a dry night out can be hard to maintain at times, here are some social prompts to help ease the discomfort that may come around indirectly addressing a sensitive subject

  1. “I’d love a glass of water.”

    You’re not being annoying—it’s the easiest drink for a host to prepare.

  2. “Thank you, but I’m okay right now.”

    So inoffensive and polite! If using this approach, say it with confidence and don’t waver. However, some overly warm hosts may push this. In that case, boundaries can be established by making a more definitive statement:

  3. “I am leaving space for more opportunities [tonight].”

    Hopefully they’ve moved on, but if they still don’t understand, being explicit never hurt anyone whose willing to listen’s feelings.

  4. If they are confused, use a variation of “I don’t want to be impaired in any way.”

  5. If they still don’t get it, claim back your peace: “I’m chilling as is, thank you, though.”

  6. “I’m having a good time; I don’t want to not be able to drive later.”

  7.  When offered a glass: “Ooh, I’ll take one of those but hold on the alcohol. Do you mind if I prepare myself a lighter version?”

    I’m anxious myself, so making imposed favors accessible is a good option when sticking up for yourself.

  8. “Nah.” Dare you use a light hand wave? Depending on your friends you’re either being really chill or really rude.

  9.  “Thanks!” And offer the beverage to someone else.

    If you’re there with a friend who understands your sober situation, perhaps they are more than ready to take one for the team. ‘Accidentally’ leave it on a table (this won’t work in your friend’s tiny apartment) but please don’t pour it out on the plants.

  10. “I have plans after this.”

    You can specify the plans, or choose not to!

    Regardless of if you’re driving, everyone wants to perform, and wish other people, their best when it comes to commitments that have been made. (Usually)

Number ten is my favorite when it comes to cop-outs, I wish #8 were well-received universally, #6 has been the most well-received reason, and number nine is my favorite to implement as those who are drinking should be allowed to have safe fun. <3

11. What’s your go-to phrase when it comes down to turning down alcohol respectfully?

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