How to keep your peony and boxwood bouquet ‘forever’

Read below to see how easy it is to preserve your next bouquet

Instructions on how to dry out a boxwood and peony bouquet:

Step one is to remove all the peony heads and greens.

Allow them to fully dry out. If removing the stems straight from a vase, you may need to wait overnight (or longer depending on the humidity). I choose to air dry the bouquet by disassembling it over napkins. I bet you could bake them or use a dehydrator but I do not have that experience to speak on.

Once dried, place boxwood stems along the bottom of the mason jar in a circular form. Then place a peony head.

Continue this pattern until your jar is full or you run out of bouquet.

Lastly, I saved the ribbon and twine from a different bouquet (it was my birthday so I trote myself) to wrap around the neck for a nice little touch.

Keep away from humidity for best preservation. Enjoy your ‘forever’ florals!

a mason jar contains boxwood stems and dried peonies
I love my hydrangea bush as I am able to be snip, dry, and place the giant flowerheads on shelf right from the garden.
What do you have in your garden? Depending on the type, your flowers may be preserved through air drying or, a classic, book pressing. The more pressure the better the print/sooner the impression will be ready. Keep blooming ❀

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