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How to Make a Cheesy Spinach Veggie Omelette

Two eggs, serranos, spinach, tomatoes and cheese is all you need for an easy and thoroughly enjoyable omelette.

Last year (2021) I went through an omelette kick and auto-correct is letting me know omelet is the proper spelling but that’s alright.

if mushrooms are too intense, do not worry and do not add them 😊

a golden, vegetarian omelette with veggie bacon to the right of it. the food is served on a lemon-printed ceramic plate.
A chorizo, serrano and cheese omelette is served alongside two strips of plant-based bacon on a ceramic, lemon-decorated plate.

Ingredients needed for this simple egg breakfast recipe

  • butter
  • chopped serrano peppers
  • diced onion
  • eggs
  • a carton of egg whites is optional ! They can floof up your omelette nicely but is unnecessary for an equally delicious and satisfying om unless the egg texture is what you’re most looking forward to
  • tomato !! diced up ! star of the show, always
  • possibly mushrooms
  • your choice of cheese
  • leftover veggie meat or microwaved bacon

For two eggs, two bacon strips is a good “meat” ratio.

Catsup‘s Diner-style Daily Omelette Instructions

a colorful star holding translucent shapes has the number one inside

First, we’re going to preheat our pan to melt a pad of butter (or dollop of oil instead so the egg doesn’t stick). The chopped onion and serrano peppers will toast at a low-med heat. I let mine get a little crispy and HOT (the longer it cooks, the spicier the flavor). If you’re adding mushrooms, now is the time! The other fillings will come later.

Take this time to whip your eggs. I like to do two.


Once I found out a bigger proportion of egg whites to yellow made for fluffier egg, I made a habit of buying cartons of pure egg whites. I felt bad throwing out yolks or not knowing how to use them. After a couple months I found this unnecessary. Even without the trip to the store I found myself enjoying my omelettes with two eggs whipped up as is.  Now I break both eggs into my bowl and will focus on whipping the whites before breaking into the yolks. At the end of the day I’d rather save a little bit of money and still enjoy my delicious breakfast. The difference is small enough for an amateur like me (who probably never got it down) to not care.

a colorful star holding translucent shapes has the number two inside

Add the whipped egg mixture to your pan and turn the heat up.

Adding the filling (in order not that it matters toooo much): tomatoes, spinach, disperse the meat.

Your egg should be bubbling. As soon as the bottom side is cooked, flip COMPLETELY. We are not folding yet!

a colorful star holding translucent shapes has the number three inside

I rotate the omelette (still on the uncooked side) after a few seconds. If the temperature and whipped egg mixture are agreeable, the egg should be fluffing up on its own! Resist the urge to pat it down. Your time to pat the egg was when we were adding the filling. Let’s keep it moving. 🫡

As soon as the B side is cooked, flip back !! Now add the cheese and tri-fold the omelette: Fold over one third of the omelette in, covering the fillings, using another spatula from underneath, roll the rest of the omelette closed.

Video demonstration to come.

A really good folded omelette with a goldenly crisped surface topped with a cheesy white sauce and red pepper flakes served on a black and white checkerboard ceramic plate.

I like to place additional (small) cheese pieces on top, turn the heat off, add a glass dome, and watch the cheese melt while the egg finishes crisping at the edges. Enjoy your perfect omelette! If not, enjoy perfecting your omelettes!

Art guide: How to Make Your Own Houndstooth Pattern tutorial I followed :+)) [to make the title graphic]

This post was drafted in 2022. Thanks for sticking around!

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