Cleaning a flute's keys is a part of the instrument's maintenance as well as keeping a tidy case.

My velvet-lined instrument case is getting linty.

How do I clean a standard, band instrument case?

If your instrument case is looking sad and dusty, there’s no need to drop money on a new case just yet (those things are expensive!). Unless you’re dealing with mold like I did, cleaning your instrument case (can be)is a part of a musician’s maintenance routine.

The secret is…

Lint rollers and alcohol wipes!

As demonstrated in the video below, using regular lint roller sheets can help remove collections of lint and other fibers in your instrument’s case. Be careful to avoid using overly tacky sheets that leave residue behind as we don’t want the adhesive transferring to your instrument creating complications such as accelerated key build-up.

Developing good cleaning habits allows you to push maintenance dates farther out. I do know I am at least two years behind on a flute COA, ope.

Share your advice for cleaning your own instrument case! What have you found helps refurbish your precious baby’s carrier? Leave a comment or message Catsup directly.

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