Pet names for the month of July

If you're adopting or yeaning soon, consider one of these names for your kiddo.

Why do goats get to yean?

Catsup‘s top ten summer pet names

A cutout graphic of a photographed cat, 2% Milky Way, sitting in front of an open bag of CATSUP chips.

  1. For fans of drama: sequin, nickname ‘C’
  2. Filed under skate pets: bearing or ‘bear’ for short
  3. Influencer’s fur baby name: ‘IGgy’ spelled that way
  4. Queer influencer’s fur baby name: ‘IGay’ spelled that way
  5. galletita de soda or, ‘soda cracker’, dealer’s choice of nickname
  6. ‘Espress otto parts’, nicknames include ‘otto’ and ‘esssssssssssppppp’
  7. For fans of sherbert or addiction free living: ‘soberietta’
  8. ‘$1.45 refill, c’mon that’s not even worth it’
  9. ‘oat milk is so easy to make all you need is oatmeal, water, and maple syrup i guess a cheese cloth too anything to strain it with really’
  10. ‘new york times best smeller’, nickname can be ‘yorkie’ or ‘smeller’

Please submit your own creative pet names by leaving a comment on this post or messaging Catsup directly.

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