Catsup Magazine’s podcast is still in creation. Keep an eye out for our audio content yet to come.

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Catsup Magazine content in audio form. Hands-free.

In the works ...

Thanks for your interest in catsup magazine’s podcast ! Send us discussion ideas or if you’d like to share a clip of your art, an opinion, advice solicitation, we’re all ears. Submissions accepted through the submissions page.

Dramatic readings

a reading of "'Just Send It': A first person account of dropping in for the first time on roller skates" // TBA

catsup magazine presents a cheesy spinach omelette recipe. a purple and white houndstooth background holds a folded-over omelette holding a swaddled smaller, rolled up omelette. a green game-inspired dialogue box below reads: I am here to support you.

Recipe follow-alongs

Step-by-step vegetarian recipe readings and instructions // TBA

Dry herb consumption

An introduction to the dry herb method of medicinal cannabis consumption. // TBA

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