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Joy is more magical upon reflection.

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Join Catsup’s virtual practice room by checking out audio snippets and articles about music.

A flute rendition of “My Heart Will Go On” ends prematurely after three minutes because the flute player starts choking.

Music and other flute related content

  • Cleaning a flute's keys is a part of the instrument's maintenance as well as keeping a tidy case.

    My velvet-lined instrument case is getting linty.

  • Screenshot of Tools > Transpose on MuseScore for Jaded by Miley Cyrus

    Transposing from piano to flute using MuseHub’s MuseScore Studio 4

  • a concert flute rests on top of a woven dresser skirt that has wildflowers imprinted on it

    Listen to this flute player choke up while playing a sad song 😢

  • a flute case, concert flute, and two sheets of music are visible from an aerial view. a pink marker is below the papers.

    Recommendations for a first-time flute festival attendee

  • A floating, digital practicing studio from the mobile application Tonic.

    What is the Tonic studio app all about?

  • Sight reading sheet music / Advice from a flutist / Catsup Magazine graphic text is overlaid above a light blue, low opacity decorative box, which is centered mostly covering a photograph of a music stand with Laufey's

    How I sight read in daily practices

  • Green sheet music template graphic for printing or digital composing, free download

  • a light blue illustrated cat has a light yellow heart overlayed with the number 11 in pink. blue dots are patterned over the image

    Slow down with Catsup’s music picks from the week of Feb. 19

  • a cartoonish cat is holding two paws above a pink swirly crystal ball that has a blue base reading

    Playing the flute is like a pancake

  • Why flute players carry rolling papers is in blue text and Don't use the sticky side! is underneath. An image of a pink pack of rolling papers with one slightly pulled out has along the edge of the paper

    Hot band accessory: Rolling papers in the instrument case

  • a concert flute rests on top of a woven dresser skirt that has wildflowers imprinted on it

    Catsup’s Virtual Practice Room 🎹

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