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Quiz: Are you emotionally detached at work?

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It’s not what you think!

Emotional detachment can appear as overattachment, better identified in the working world as micromanagement. While individuals with all sorts of backgrounds require food to survive, it is definitely weird if your boss (or coworker) adheres to any of these scenarios below. Speak up at the first instance to avoid further boundaries being broken down the line.

You might need to cool it at work if:

You make it your business to pinpoint people’s personalities and personal life outside of work.

You need a reason why someone is requesting the day off. You’re worse if that information affects whether that employee “deserves” the day off.

Do you work with sensitive information and feel the curious need to Google Map addresses? That’s not normal!

You run background checks and suddenly the new hire’s background information is going around.

You require your employees to answer your texts and phone calls immediately.

You expect your employees to step out of the shower to answer your phone call.

You expect your employees to follow your instructions over protocol and legal boundaries.

You blame your employees after their concerns aren’t addressed appropriately.

You’re making comments about someone who hasn’t spoken to you.

You call your place of employment asking to speak to the newest employee if they can cover a shift for you.

You feel the need to physically grab your coworker.

You feel the need to physically drag your coworker.

You share your sob story to gossip about someone else’s.

Bonus: Texting your coworkers is not normal.

The above scenarios were accumulated after ten+ years of working across different employment sectors. All that for less than $40/hr (USD)?

How can I be a good coworker/boss with boundaries? Just don’t do any of that weird shit.

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What are some good book recommendations for overly nosy coworkers/bosses? Please comment your suggestions.


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