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Looking for plant-based recipes or crafty home projects?

Catsup has a stock of tomato-centric, vegetarian friendly Mexican-American inspired recipes. Interested in a certain dish or project? Contact Catsup with your inquiry or contribution.

  • Quiz: Are you emotionally detached at work?

    a bowl of dollar sign shaped pasta in vegetable broth appears like

    It’s not what you think! Emotional detachment can appear as overattachment, better identified in the working world as micromanagement. While individuals with all sorts of […]

  • Flautas! The original golden, fried “taquitos”

    How to make flautas in an oiled frying pan

    What Americans call “taquitos” are what I grew up recognizing as miniature flautas. Interesting enough, I am a flute player who loves flautas. In Spanish, […]

  • DIY soft pink cream cheese frosting

    pink cream cheese frosting in a stand mixer

    Ingredients include cream cheese, powdered (confectioners) sugar, butter, and pink food coloring.

  • How to Make a Cheesy Spinach Veggie Omelette

    catsup magazine presents a cheesy spinach omelette recipe. a purple and white houndstooth background holds a folded-over omelette holding a swaddled smaller, rolled up omelette. a green game-inspired dialogue box below reads: I am here to support you.

    Last year (2021) I went through an omelette kick and auto-correct is letting me know omelet is the proper spelling but that’s alright. if mushrooms […]

  • How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

    an image of yellow skates. one of the boots has had its wheels and bearings removed are are pictured to the left. a skate blue, tri skate tool is to the right of the boots

    Cleaning your bearings is a part of skate maintenance that can be pushed away if you’re not an avid skater. However, if you feel your wheels are slowing down or just plain look gross (hair gets stuck 🤮 amongst the gunk), it might be time to clean [& check !] your bearings.

  • Prepare easy 🍅potatoes — papas entomatadas

    papas entomatadas potatoes in tomatoes

    How to prepare papas entomatadas — a catsup recipe Ingredients Tomatoes, of course Potatoes (I’ve used red, russet, and yellow potatoes) Oil or butter Seasonings […]

  • How to make te de canela (cinnamon tea) — CATSips

    a blue cat sips logo has a martini glass for the i in sips

    One of the easiest teas to prepare from scratch. All you need to seek out is cinnamon sticks (ceylon soft). Part of catsup magazine’s cat-sips […]

  • How to keep your peony and boxwood bouquet ‘forever’

    a mason jar contains boxwood stems and dried peonies

    Instructions on how to dry out a boxwood and peony bouquet: Step one is to remove all the peony heads and greens. Allow them to […]

  • Easy Mexican Chilaquiles Recipe

    aerial view of a plate of chilaquiles next to an overmedium egg

    Chilaquiles are essentially fried tortilla strips simmered in a red sauce used as common hangover cure, but is a delicious breakfast for people regardless of […]

  • Simple Mexican Style Roasted Red Salsa Recipe

    two rows of colorful teeth with red spirals

    This red salsa is a simple, three ingredient recipe great for topping or simmering food in. It’s so simple you can but won’t want to […]

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