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Self-Audit Your Personal Health With This Questditation

In honor of Women's National Health Day: Catsup Magazine presents a self-guided spiritual meditation

This is a reminder to self-audit your personal health every now and then. Get comfortable making yourself comfortable.

This short questionnaire is not meant to be printed out and filled in. Go ahead and do so, or write out the prompts and your answers. But the goal is to develop a ritualistic self-care practice that will come naturally as you become closer to your body’s spiritual state.

By the end of each session, you should feel more peace in regards to your own body and mental state.

Inner Self Questionnaire and Meditation

What is around you and what are you experiencing?

  • a. Notice everything you want to notice. Step outside that and focus on you and your body with a long, deep breath.

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  • b. How are you feeling right now?

Take inventory of your physical body. Any knots, pressure, pain, sensory triggers? Acknowledge them. Thank any pain you may feel as this is your body’s home alert system. Breathe deeply as you mentally maneuver your body. We will move inward now.

  • c. On an exhale, Ask yourself what would make you happy right now? Be honest with yourself. If it’s something silly like a hot coffee, some dick, let yourself laugh. If something more serious immediately comes to mind, like you are experiencing some serious stress, walk through your worries but do not repeat the same one over.
  • d. You take over now. What can you do to help yourself?

The laziest plan is better than no plan.

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Catsup Editor would like to share they usually start or end this meditation with cannabis intake.

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