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Skate Advice: What to bring with you to a new skate park

Pack the essentials so you can focus on your flow in new surroundings

The coolest thing I’ve done [on wheels] is jump on the coping of a metal mini ramp at a park I’d never been to before. How I gained the confidence to try out the trick is wild. Even at the peak of my roller skating practicing I haven’t been able to replicate the trick since — on any ramp or coping.

Did I have friends rooting me on and strangers to impress? Yes. But I wouldn’t have even dropped in in the first place if I didn’t feel confident with my skates. I have unfortunately gone out to a new park to skate only to realize I left the better suited wheels at home (like wearing slick park wheels when I need my large, gummy wheels for a smooth trail ride).

New skate park checklist

a pair of yellow beach bunny roller skates are sideways on the pavement with wheels, bearings, and a skate tool surrounding them.

After some traveling around the state visiting different parks, I’ve learned from my lack of preparedness (ever have seven out of eight wheels? 🙄) and have a list of tips to share.

Make sure you have the right gear

Wheels, pads, charged phone/speakers/buds. You know what you need for a good skate sesh so double check that you have it!


If you’re regularly going hard, be sure to have extra bearings ! Every skater should have access to a skate tool for adjusting (and changing) your wheels and trucks. Odds are if it’s a busy skate park, someone will be cool enough to lend you one.

Water + Snack(s)

Most public parks have public water fountains, but in case you’re going to a DIY park or can’t trust that there will be a water source, be sure to bring your own. Carrying clean water is generally good practice but especially important if you are going to be straining your body.

Depending on how long your session is (the accidentally long ones always feel better afterwards), you may want to overpack on snacks.

Be Safe

Take your own precautions and skate with a buddy if you are going to be trying something new/especially risky!

Happy rolling!

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