a photograph of a purse's contents with a red wallet in the center, accessories tossed around, and a pile of ketchup packets in the top right corner. a 'catsup magazine' namemark is on the lower right and brown cow print is over the image

The Bag Basics: Purse mayonnaise, emergency ketchup, and keychain sriracha?

I've got a pocket full of, pocket full of food

Everything has been miniaturized to use up the most plastic possible and hold minimal product. If toilet paper had its section on the travel size wall, you could wipe half of one ass cheek with it.

a graphic depiction of a lemon with a sour (grumpily upset) surrounded in the background by colorful rectangles

Trial or sample size, mini/fun size, travel… pick your frenemy. As easy as one of these minis could clog a toilet (sorry for the toiletry imagery), they are also convenient for when you need to whip out a square of red pepper flakes over an unexpected pizza dinner.

Surprise! It’s pasta. o:

In the world of pocket food, who is carrying sample spaghetti?

Commuting workers

Let’s start with the obvious answer: lunch bags are normal to carry around as intricate a meal and toppings commuting workers need.


Parents, care workers, guardians, babysitters, etc. There are plenty of reasons one human relies on another and a part of the nurturing relationship can lean on food whether for sustainability of life (ie, healthcare workers), watching children (they get bored, hungry, and bored-hungry if not hungry-bored. I relate), or self-care snack time.

For health reasons

One example of a health reason one might carry pocket food is a “sugar low”. When in the workforce, especially retail and factory work, I’ve seen many people explain while reaching for their pocket hard candy that they “need a little something just now”. This is explained in an almost apologetic way. My man, eat your fifth pocket gum drop by all means.

Seeking contributors to provide lived experiences in any art medium: snap a photo of your purse contents and show off the mini jellies you stole from breakfast, comment your favorite snack to carry, or email an anecdote. All submissions will be credited as a contribution by the author/artist.

Specialized and “picky” eaters

Yeah, you can always eat before you go. But sometimes you want the experience other people are having. No shame in bringing your own Kosher, gluten-free, plant-based, grass-fed sandwich in!

Mad respect to my mother who, after immigrating to the US, would pack a sandwich baggy with avocado slices to place on her fast food burgers. How did she transport it to the restaurant? Purse.

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