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The best way to leverage “Artificial Intelligence”? Hire a personal assistant.

Every question you’re inputting could be done by a human. Every answer needs to be vetted by a human.

How much time are you investing in doing your own AI “research”? That a researcher with the dedicated time couldn’t do better?

You want to save time and make more money? Hire a human directly.

a bowl of dollar sign shaped pasta in vegetable broth appears like

Please be aware this post is in response to large-scale AI integration. Like a lot of digital-based companies, Figma has introduced AI and and has stated they will “eat the cost” the first year as they test roll AI features to the public. Adobe has also integrated AI across their Creative Suite programs and has made declarations that these features are, not-verbatim: ‘free-for-now’.

“AI” uses existing humans’ work and has already implicated moral and legal problems.

Who else foresees the end of usable, free resources once numbers prove agreeable to the right wallet?

The plan is to make us pay for bottled water.

I do not use Figma; I web design directly using block editors Elementor and the built-in WordPress editor (Gutenberg). I actually made my Figma account last week and do not plan on using it any longer! Adobe is in hot water. I quit Instagram.


End of post survey: How do you like to dress up your canned beans?

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