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The internet sucks now; here’s what you can do

Consumerism not thriving in this fast paced environment.
  1. Google has sold out to be more of a shopping than search engine.
  2. Everyone demands attention in established, oversaturated markets.
  3. AI text is easily identifiable and boring af when it’s not awful.
  4. There’s no “turn off” from online/digital content whether work-related, or personal matters.
  5. “Content creation” has warped into some idealized version of fake authenticity. Way to keep it unattainable, you’re doing amazine. (I liked the typo.)

Don’t forget!

Everything exists to be sold to you.

How to have a better internet experience?

Don’t be afraid to try a new browser or search engine. Customize your preferences and untoggle all tailored ads.

Focus on your niche! The doll can always be tinier. Cultivate your own forum if one doesn’t exist. Will 2024 be the year personal blogging comes back? We don’t need a million “link in bio” to link trees or carrds or whatever if you have a website like… just… make the blogroll template rather than meter mas cucharas that overall looks inconsistent/cluttered. It’s not advice unless you take it. <3 Make the whole damn blog! I want to read about musicians’ disliked foods and favorite tour bus feature that broke so they can’t use it but appreciate the gesture gimme those MySpace vibes I missed out on!!

Remember: There’s an audience for everything. Consistency and exposure does matter.

Utilize soft block features: Mute, ‘This doesn’t interest me”, “Why am I seeing this?” (Don’t you love when you get weird content pushed to you and you’re like, wtf and as soon as you hit that button it’s like ‘Error! Silly me lol idk what was just there or how it got here oooopsies Anywaaaays….’)

Do you have your own opinion regarding the internet’s shift(s) these past 20 years? Want to share a personal narrative regarding growing up on MySpace, Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook (etc)? Have thoughts regarding newer digital media, trending topics, or the direction we as a culture or society are heading?

2024 is the year of creativity!

Submit your thoughts or other media (I’ll share my juvenile digital world screencaps if you share yours) to be published online at catsup here.

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