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Three coveted narcisisstic traits to bring to the confidence revolution

Could narcissistic confidence be the key to push past uncomfortable, anxiety-ridden professional and social circumstances?

Want to join a narcissist support group for potential narcissists? Catsup Magazine’s first live group session will be focusing on self-starters and the traits that propel them forward on the daily. Want to learn to talk over an entire group of people, dominate the conversation, and get your message across? Or vice versa, you find yourself in a hard pursuit of companionship that your personality ostracizes people. The best way to learn is to teach.

This “potential narcissist” support group is for both crowds: the wannabe life of the parties and the wannabe-on-the-sidelines-more-often. Interested in joining? Comment your interest below, on Instagram, or through one of our contact forms.

What’s a potential narcissist?


A person who exudes confidence from an intrinsic source almost to a delusional caliber OR a person who seeks to cultivate their self-motivation for prosperity.

Top traits to take from a narcissist

Walk into the room like it’s yours.

It’s true that this makes an impact about your vibes. If you’re not doing anything sketchy, don’t act like it—there is no need to fear your own body. Own it. A small, or larger, pep talk before walking in can make a huge difference. There is no one in that room more talented than you. Nothing you couldn’t do with the proper means. A different flavor of it, sure, but wouldn’t your version be fucking cool?

My time matters (more).

I know I’ve found myself sequestered in an unwanted conversation about uncomfortable topics before by strangers, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances alike. No, I don’t want to give you advice on how to ask your mom about her secret abortion. I’m sorry that work assignment was heavy but to come into my office and bitch about it for over 40 minutes (and have your 60+ mother wait in the hot car lmfao what)? Put another quarter into the empathy machine. This open door needs to set up a scheduling system with HR asap. Yes, I checked in with them and offered support about their options. They were well aware of the subject matter before accepting the assignment and wanted to get a political jab out of the conversation/me which was not going to happen.

As a walked-over introvert with well-meaning intentions, I have given too many minutes to unwanted dialogue. This guilt is something that can be worked on to build up the confidence to walk away—as gracefully as you play it.

Can I learn something from you?

This can be a dangerous one to adapt to. Quick judgments on a too-soon “boring” conversation can lead to missing out on the meat and potatoes. Don’t worry, no one is forcing you to talk to the cryptobro for longer than 2 minutes. Always seek out new-to-you information. Careful, this does not mean be nosy.

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