Wake up calls? Okay, good night kiss when.

Sorry, my concierge says I gotta get some rest RIGHT NOW.

This Catsup comic pokes fun at the idea… What if your hotel tucked you in at night?

Hypothetical text conversation between a hotel guest and their concierge.

Person 1: “Hey, can you come tuck me in?”

Person 2: “Sure thing! Let me see who’s available.”

Person 1: “If no ‘tuckers’ are in, a phone lullaby may suffice for tonight.”

Person 2: “We have two door-to-door book readers until 10:40 p.m. Would you like to schedule a visit?”

Person 1: “…”

I went to bed laughing at the thought of this digital art. Thanks for checking in! Enjoy your Catsup visit today. Submit your own art whenever you’re ready.

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