Which lavender can I cook with (and which is safe to smoke w/ cannabis)?

Catsup's editor speaks about their experiences consuming lavender

cluster of lavender plants

English lavender is the lavender you’ll want to use for cooking.

And that’s because other lavenders’ flavors may be too “powerful” for the effect sought after when cooking with lavender. AKA, too “lavender-y”.

As for smoking, it seems there’s not much of a difference (I am not the person to ask for health advice) as to which lavender is more “safe” to roll up alongside cannabis in a joint. Like any herb, its freshness and altogether composition leads to a lot of variables for a lot of different experiences depending on each strain. Sprinkle some ground lavender in your next bowl and let us know if your sesh feels more soothing in addition to the strain’s buzz.

From personal experience, the flavor is DEFINITELY noticeable and as for the feeling? That’s noticeable, too.

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